Saturday, August 20, 2016

Friday, August 19th

       Welcome back again, everybody.  It was great to see you all at the New Year's Eve party and our Trip Meeting/Back to School Night.  Even though our first week was only two days, we are already getting into the swing of things.
       What a luxury it is to have 18 students in our advising group!  We spent a lot of time on Thursday discussing rhythms and routines, and on Friday dove right in.  We finished our letters to selves, where we wrote about out excitements, hopes, and worries about our school year.  We will open these letters on the last day of school. We also created our own personal coat of arms, that will be on display in our classroom. Come and see if you can identify your student's coat of arms.  And finally, we did the egg drop, which several eggs survived a drop off of the roof!
     Next week we will start preparing our students for our trip.  We will introduce our trip, plan meals, create tent groups. and discuss expectations, worries, and set trip goals.  Please hand in your trip paperwork and copy of health insurance if you have not done so yet.
     Math will also begin next week.  If your student is in 5th grade, they will have math with Per.  If your student is in 4th, They will be in my math class.
     Finally, Friday is our testing day.  Your student will be doing a reading and writing activity during this time.  Your student will be at school only for the hour you have scheduled on that day.

 Have a great weekend,


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