Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Welcome back, everyone!  I hope your summer was as enjoyable as mine.  We did some travelling inside of Colorado, going to Silt for the Colorado State Beekeeper's Association's Summer meeting, where I took my field test to enter the Master Beekeeper's Program.

We also went to Palisade for the annual Lavender Festival.  Palisade is well known for it's wineries and vineyards, but there is also a budding(get it?) lavender industry out there.  This is the second year we've done to this festival and have fallen in love with Palisade.

 Another highlight from my summer was climbing Mt. Bierstadt with my daughter.  This is the third time we've tried, and made it up successfully. What a beautiful day we had, too.  

I'm excited to get the year started and can't wait to start building community in our new classroom.  Please notice the upcoming dates on the right bar, as well as other helpful information.



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