Friday, January 13, 2017

       Hi folks!  What a great turnout we had for Peace Night last night.  The IA had some great Pioneer artifacts to share, a great reader's theatre presentation, and mindfulness centers.  I love getting to see some work from other parts of the school.  We even had a reporter from the Lakewood Sentinel come to experience this special event.  These are the moments that I am reminded of what a unique and exceptional school I get to be a part of, as a teacher and parent.
       Our Pioneer projects are officially over.  We have begun a unit on monitoring for meaning during our reading block.  Next week the 4/5 classes will be starting our science rotations.  Per, Kristie, and I are each teaching a science class.  Students will get the opportunity to take two of these classes in the upcoming months.
      Have a great weekend, and don't forget that we have no school on Monday, as it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day,


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