Friday, February 3, 2017

       Hi folks!  It's Friday again, and another week at the Open School has flown by.  This week kids have proposed their topics for their next big project, the What Matters To Me project.  Students are studying a topic of societal importance.  They will research their topic, and then write a five paragraph essay trying to convince others of the topic's importance.  Kids have come up with some rich topics, too!  Some have chosen topics that relate to animal rights(animal abuse in zoos, puppy mills, wild animals as pets), some have chosen topics that relate to common diseases(Muscular Dystrophy, cancer awareness), some have chosen directly human-related topics(sexism, homelessness, 3rd world countries, and some have chosen environmental topics(deforestation, audio ecology).

       Next week we find resources for us to learn more about our topics.

Have a great weekend,


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